A Cashless World – How Will It Affect You? by Kevin Freeman (Aug. 16, 2016)

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Like watching an alltoo-predictable movie, the passage to a cashless society seems rather inevitable.

Each step seems logical, but there can be little doubt in regard to the destination. Cashless comes when technology matches scheme. The inexorable path to cashless comes from a series of problems and solutions. Each solution creates a new problem. Governments have been dreaming of a cashless society for decades due to the control potential it offers. Cash is anonymous. It can be used to evade taxes and hide money, but cash also has been a necessity. It solved the first problem of having a medium of exchange that could grow with the economy. How do you exchange wheat for eggs when you really need fertilizer? Money allows everything to be valued in comparable terms, but what qualifies as money? Initially, money could be shells, beads, precious rocks, animal skins and sometimes cows. That made it a little difficult to transact business. Eventually, governments started to make money a little more uniform using coins and paper money. Technically, there are distinctions between money, currency, bills, notes, etc. For our purposes let’s take an overview in broad conceptual terms.

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