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“As Kevin Freeman points out, America is facing a global economic war which has direct threats for your family, your job, and your life savings. Yet, despite his five-year effort to warn Washington, willful blindness appears to be at work, preventing our leadership from protecting you. Reading Game Plan will provide the hidden truth about the economic threats targeting you and provide you the actionable steps you should take to protect your family.”

former commander of Special Forces Command and the Green Berets and
former deputy under secretary of defense for intelligence

 “America’s political and military leaders may be ignoring our economy’s vulnerability to foreign attack, but our enemies aren’t. The information in Game Plan is essential for protecting your family from the devastation that economic warfare would bring. Being the messenger for this kind of warning may not be much fun, but I can’t think of anyone better than Kevin Freeman to ring the bell.”

#1 bestselling author of MIRACLES AND MASSACRES

 “Kevin Freeman understands the threat of financial terrorism as well as anyone. You’d have to be negligent to ignore his timely advice about protecting your family from the economic attacks that are clearly on the horizon.”

President and CEO, American Bankers Association, former governor of Oklahoma

 “Kevin Freeman is a national treasure.  His ability to synthesize economic and national security is unsurpassed — and of incalculable importance in the conflict of our time: the War for the Free World.”

President and Founder, Center for Security Policy

 “While Washington sleeps, America’s enemies are amassing at the gates of our economy.  When their attacks are unleashed, everything will change in the blink of an eye.  How will you protect yourself and your family?  In Game Plan, Kevin Freeman offers an unflinching look at the very scary, all-too-real threats we face, along with cool-headed advice on how to invest with confidence in an increasingly dangerous world.  This book is worth its weight in gold.  Read it now and thank Kevin Freeman later. “

 #1 New York Times bestselling author of HIDDEN ORDER

 “The threat of financial terrorism is very real, and nobody knows that threat more thoroughly than Kevin Freeman. In this book, he’ll tell you how to deal with the possibility of financial collapse, and give you hope for the future, too.”

New York Times bestselling author of “Bullies: How the
Left’s Culture of Fear and Intimidation Silences America”

 “Game Plan is an important look at one of the most significant threats to U.S. security: Cyber attacks and other efforts designed to cripple the economy. Must reading for those interested in protecting national security.”

senior editor, The Washington Free Beacon,
national security columnist, The Washington Times

“Kevin Freeman’s writing reminds me of the Pauline passage: “for the light makes everything visible… Awake, O sleeper, rise up from the dead…”  Kevin calls all of us to “wake up” and recognize that our country’s financial life hangs in the balance. A must read for anyone who wants to see their way through the darkness of our times.”

President, Oklahoma Wesleyan University

 “As a Texas legislator, I relied heavily on Kevin Freeman’s knowledge about financial terrorism. By teaming up with him, we were able to draft legislation that would protect the Lone Star State in case of economic collapse or terrorism at the federal level. He has become the nation’s foremost expert on this topic. Kevin Freeman has followed up his exceptionally important book, Secret Weapon, with Game Plan. You will want to read it, study it, and make sure that you and those around you do indeed have a game plan for a potential financial crisis.”

Texas House of Representatives district 93

 “This work is a new National Security Primer. If our elected leaders, national security, intelligence and military officials ignore his well-researched analysis, 9-11 could look like child’s play.  Moreover, our technology and industry leaders (those who by virtue of daily global challenges understand his remarkable vector) will hopefully start lively chatter in their communities about the nature of this potential immense and perhaps imminent calamity. Serious scholars will hopefully take the critical decision to ask “Why have we missed this series of interlocking threats?” Academia owes the nation a rigorous review of this work. It simply cannot be ignored. Markets matter. Our nation matters. This book matters.”

Former Assistant Secretary of Defense, Special Operations 2003-7

 “The US government’s acknowledged debt is about $17 trillion. Analysts such as Boston University economics professor Laurence Kotlikiff place our government’s true liabilities as closer to $211 trillion. A major transformation is coming and the sharks of the world are circling. We know this because hostile regimes and non-state actors have said so in their communications. The spirit of American independence and modern technology still holds out the potential to provide a return to free-markets and greater liberty, private entrepreneurship and personal responsibility than the world has ever known. Read Game Plan and choose your destiny. Kevin Freeman may be the Western world’s foremost authority willing to speak publicly about Economic Warfare.”

editor of The Counter Terrorist, former commander of a US military
anti-terrorism unit, former intelligence officer,

“Kevin Freeman is one of the smartest men I know.  You ignore him at your peril.”

founder & executive chairman, Advanced Search Laboratories;
former special counsel, PayPal

 “Impressive, alarming, hopeful, practical and a must read! In these uncertain times, Kevin has offered us all a gift, if you are wise enough to read this book!”

Daily Caller

 “Economic warfare is among the least recognized but most threatening risks we face. Kevin Freeman has sounded the alarm. It is contingent on America to pay heed and respond. Reading Game Plan will help you protect yourself and your family.”

Newsmax TV

“Once again, Kevin Freeman provides sound information and advice on how to survive the inevitable financial crisis that we will all eventually face. I strongly recommend you read Game Plan so you are prepared for what is ahead.”

president and CEO, Jewish Voice Ministries, International

 “Kevin Freeman’s passion for protecting the economic security of our country and its way of life is clearly reflected by his most recent writing.   His key finding that the U.S. faces a credible, significant, and extant financial threat should be considered a wake-up call and a call to action for our most senior government, business, and military leaders.  Unfortunately, not heeding his warning will likely repeat the failure by our leaders to act decisively on similar warnings on Al Qaeda’s intentions and capabilities in the 1990s to initiate a terrorist war against the United States.   However, this threat is more ominous, more immediate, and more deadly.”

assistant professor, Mercyhurst University, Institute for Intelligence Studies

 “Kevin Freeman brilliantly unveils the imminent threat that economic jihad poses to the western world’s financial system. In his new book, Game Plan, Kevin shares undeniable research revealing in meticulous detail our shocking vulnerability. He connects the dots with such clarity that one can see that what is happening is the modern-day application of the Qur’an’s chapter Sura 8: Al-Anfal, Booty or The Spoils of War. At the Battle of Badr, Muhammad’s 300 warriors defeated 1,000 Meccans, with his words: ‘This is the caravan of Quraysh carrying their property, so march forth to intercept it, Allah might make it as war spoils for you.’ The devastating financial impact from stolen caravans weakened the city of Mecca to the point it ultimately surrendered to Mohammed in 630 AD. Kevin Freeman’s Game Plan reads as a captivating novel, except that it is really happening right now! The betrayal of the West by ill-advised financial practices is almost exactly how Sultan Mehmet II conquered Constantinople in 1453 with the help of Genoese and Venetian merchants who sold him arms and supplies for a profit. Financial interests in the West betraying the West to Islam for a profit! Everyone wanting to preserve the rights, freedoms, opportunities and prosperity handed down through Western Civilization needs to read Kevin Freeman’s book, Game Plan.”

author of What Every American Needs to Know about the Qur’an;
A History of Islam & the United States

 “The American economy has protected Western Civilization for the past century.  Our foreign policy, military preparedness and our very lives depend on it.  It is today clearly under attack from capable enemies as Kevin Freeman explains in detail and, importantly, what we can do to win the battle.”

former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency

 “GAME PLAN is a compelling, essential primer for those who are prudent enough to want to understand how to prepare our country and themselves for the “Third Phase” of the financial systems assaults now being concocted by America’s enemies.  Kevin Freeman teaches what policy makers and you can do to protect our country and our families from the new weapons of mass destruction already in the hands of those who have every intention to harm us.

vice president, The Heritage Foundation,
former Deputy Assistant to President Ronald Reagan

 “Read this book!  Discover what the Islamists, Iran, China’s Peoples’ Liberation Army, the Russian government, and just plain criminals have in store for their next attacks on Americans – and learn how you can prepare your gameplan to deal with the consequences of the gameplans of the bad guys.”

former Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army

“America’s National Security remains at risk as unwarranted euphoria returns to the US Stock Exchanges and current threat analysis rejects the existence of the very danger imposed by the denial so frequently circulated throughout the National Security apparatus – a GLOBAL ECONOMIC WAR is being waged against the American people. Kevin Freeman’s work in both Secret Weapon and now Game Plan is a quantum leap forward in identifying such threats while unearthing the most likely perpetrators and sounding the clarion calls among investors to structure defensive portfolio strategies he now designs in response to such financially fatal realities.  If you have capital at risk, this is a must read!”

Major USMC (Ret.)

 “Game Plan points to looming, well-documented threats from not only Al Qaeda, which remains focused on exploiting America’s economic vulnerabilities, but from other foes like Russia, China, Iran, North Korea, and Venezuela, which share a conviction that America could be crippled by financial terrorism.  So far, the US Government has largely turned a blind eye to warnings from financial experts like Kevin Freeman and refuses to confront this threat.  With the life savings and investments of so many Americans at risk, it is critical that every concerned citizen understand what is at stake in Game Plan.”

former federal official who served at DoD, NASA and on Capitol Hill

 “The most perilous danger of terrorism is the unseen one: The myopic focus on preventing mass-murder attacks makes us vulnerable to broader, stealthier threats against our institutions. None of those is more consequential than the threat to our economy, and no one lays bare that threat with keener insight than Kevin Freeman.”

former federal prosecutor and bestselling author

“Kevin Freeman’s brilliant analysis is frightening. The clear message is Wake up! Financial terrorism has the potential to change a prosperous way of life, “de-Americanize” the world, and change the face of history. Albert Einstein said, “A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of truth”. The “authorities” of the free, democratic world appear blind to the truth and asleep at the switch. Similar to scientific leadership that shunned the revolutionary principles of quantum mechanics and relativity in Einstein’s era, our leadership is turning a blind eye to a full recognition of cyber-terrorism and economic warfare. I urge attention to the clarion call in this book to avoid serious damage to a political and social structure that transformed the world for the better.”

CEO Galectin Therapeutics, Professor of Medicine

 “Kevin Freeman describes an economic Armageddon just around the corner, largely of our own making, that our enemies are actively preparing to exploit. If you were worried about the Fed, the weak dollar, and the prospect of hyper-inflation before, Game Plan will show you how to transform those fears into a responsible plan of action. For starters, we must – and can – become energy independent, by transforming safe, abundant, American natural gas into methanol to power our automobiles.”

author, GOP Congressional candidate (MD-8, 2012)

“Kevin Freeman is a long-time family friend.  He wrote a business plan for my father, Sir John Templeton, in 1990, and helped build the Templeton Private Client Group from its inception. Game Plan shares his insight on economic threats facing the United States economy and how you can prepare your family and your business. Kevin is considered one of the world’s leading experts on the issues of Economic Warfare and Financial Terrorism. His analysis is brilliant and I hope you will find it as valuable as I have.”

president and chairman, John Templeton Foundation

 “After more than a decade in law enforcement I can attest that no single person has provided a more clear and definitive explanation about the threats facing this nation and the challenges hindering today’s law enforcement agencies than Kevin Freeman. Through his tireless research Freeman has educated countless law enforcement officials on the once unrecognized threat of financial terrorism. His innovative research has also been invaluable during ongoing criminal investigations, involving international, federal and local law enforcement agencies.”

law enforcement investigator

 “Economic warfare is real and Kevin Freeman shows us how it works with his new book, Game Plan.”

author, Origins of the Fourth World War

 “Kevin Freeman’s Game Plan appropriately includes in his exhaustive analysis of economic problems facing America the existential threat from a manmade or natural electromagnetic pulse (EMP) event, which could shut down the electric power grid indefinitely. The relatively small cost of insurance to protect the electric power grid against that possible event is an economic no-brainer to prevent the resulting famine and societal collapse that could claim the lives of most Americans over the following year. “

Chairman, High Frontier and former Strategic Defense Initiative Director

 “Talk about a wake-up call!  Kevin Freeman’s Game Plan sets forth a well-documented and highly plausible threat that could send 21st century America back to the 18th century in one literal flash.  It’s enough of a nightmare to keep the average American from ever sleeping again!  On the positive side, however, he also describes some relatively easy and inexpensive protective measures that can minimize the damage to our financial, electrical and social infrastructures.  It’s a game plan that we ignore at our very substantial peril.”

president, Let Freedom Ring

 “I’ve known Kevin Freeman since the time he first raised his concerns about the risks of financial warfare.  He has consistently gotten right and has been consistently ahead of the pack in doing so.  For those with financial assets to protect, this book is a must read.”

senior fellow, the Center for Security Policy
former consultant to the Joint Chiefs of Staff

 “Benjamin Franklin warned centuries ago, “Think what you do when you run in debt, you give to another power over your liberty.”  War is about exploiting vulnerabilities.  Kevin Freeman alerted us to our economic vulnerabilities in Secret Weapon.  In Game Plan, he warns unmistakably that our liberty stands in the balance from a concerted exploitation of these vulnerabilities.  The State of Utah is working to heed his warning.”

Utah State Representative,
author Where’s the Line? How States Protect the Constitution.

 “Kevin Freeman’s latest book “Game Plan” comes at a critical time in human history.  Former president Bill Clinton had a sign over the Oval Office desk: “Hey, it’s the economy, stupid!”  Well, firstly, it is God who gives the ability to attain the wealth (Deut. 8) not only by the work of our hands. But the Jihad approach to destroying America is to destroy the American economy.  Kevin’s masterful work “Secret Weapon” shows how insidious plans by the enemy are in place to bring down Wall Street and the US and therefore the world economy.

Now Kevin prepares us for what is coming down the pike, including Chinese disinvestment in the dollar, Russia’s continuing competition with the US for preeminence, and Jihadist plans to destroy Wall Street and the US economy (including Western economy). Hosea 4:6 says: My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.  Kevin Freeman’s newest book “Game Plan” gives us the knowledge on how not to be destroyed.”

(aka Victor Mordecai) author

“What does the risk of economic warfare mean to our economy and your own personal finances? Game Plan by Kevin Freeman is a must-read for understanding the imminent financial risks we face and what you can do about them.”

award-winning author of The PayPal Wars and CEO of CapLinked

 “I traveled extensively with Kevin Freeman, to the DIA, FBI, and halls of Congress. It would have been un-American not to help a patriotic American like Kevin in his attempt to warn our leaders and his fellow citizens. Economic warfare is a serious threat but no one in Washington wants to address it. Perhaps they are too busy lining their own pockets while our nation collapses. Rumor has it that a large think tank has been awarded a “study to nowhere” on the issue. Typical Washington. A senior DoD official told me that addressing this problem doesn’t fit the political narrative. Obviously those ‘public servants’ defining the narrative are not really concerned about national security or this nation’s citizens. Events prove this. Read the book before they ban it. It is destined to become a collector’s item.”

citizen soldier, Washington navigator

 It’s a new century and “Game Plan” by Kevin Freeman reveals the emergence of a new kind of war that the U.S. is ill prepared to take on.  Freeman describes in painstaking detail the peril we are facing to the very foundations of our society, yet the American political class remains in denial.  If you have time to read only one book in 2014, read this one.  Your way of life depends on it.

retired technologist, inventor, author and transformative
CEO of National Semiconductor and Apple Computer

 “Kevin Freeman has hit another home run with his new book, Game Plan. Kevin Freeman in my mind is one of the preeminent thinkers of our generation because his extensive research addresses the investment and financial markets by integrating the long-term historical perspective with the current perspective, but his value in reading his newest book is to relate it to the economic and military warfare being conducted against us by enemies of our country. He understands the economic threat as well as the military threat to the national security of the United States. The danger to our country is not only from international terror with guns and bullets, but also in the financial and economic realms of money. Read it and become enlightened!

Former Assistant Secretary Department of Veterans Affairs

“Game Plan is replete with qualified intelligence, stories, and more that leave the reader fully cognizant of the real and growing threat that is being built leveraging our own financial systems against us.  The factually supported foreshadowing reveals potential perils that may change our lives forever.  The question is not if but when.  Whether we prepare just against the likelihood of dramatic wealth destruction, or worse, Game Plan is a call to action.”

founder of The Global Food Exchange and
author of “Radical Response: Free Market Solutions to Global Crises”

  “Kevin Freeman has written an important and informative book. He is a perceptive expert in the field of economic aggression, and the risk of cyber manipulation of markets.”

U.S. House of Representatives

“Kevin Freeman’s Game Plan is to cyber warfare as Sun Tzu’s Art of War is to warfare generally.  It is a non-partisan “must read” for all patriotic Americans, whether they work in the Pentagon or on Wall Street, for a local utility company, or at home raising children.  Kevin Freeman artfully sheds light on our 21st Century ‘enemies,’ while reminding us of American “first things.”  In classic Art of War form, Freeman empowers us to know both our enemies and ourselves, so that we, to quote Sun Tzu, ‘will not be endangered in a hundred engagements.’”

former Inspector General of the Department of Defense (2002-05),
author of “The Inspector General Handbook”

“No one has done more to warn our government about the threat of financial terrorism than Kevin Freeman. His new book Game Plan provides a clear strategy for Americans to follow in order to protect themselves against an inevitable attack. If Washington continues its dysfunction, it will become even more essential for average citizens to know how to defend their finances.”


“Kevin’s work is very insightful and quite an eye-opener.  Our economy can easily be hijacked. The vulnerability of the U.S. economy is well known in places like China, North Korea, Russia, the Middle East, and even Europe.  Through his intricate analysis, the reader is quickly transported to the forefront of a new type of cyber or economic war—a war against every American citizen.  This book serves as an invaluable resource, updated with the latest information on subjects of great importance to not only every banker on Wall Street and every legislator and public official, but to every citizen of our nation.”

CEO, Trinity Equity Partners

“After in-depth research on behalf of the Pentagon, it became obvious to Kevin Freeman that America suffered financial terror attacks in 2001 and 2008. Deliberate economic sabotage that we are still suffering from and there are many signs that a third attack is imminent. Should you put all your money in gold? Is it time to abandon stocks? What about the safety of bonds,guaranteed investments, or hedge funds?  Kevin Freeman’s “Game Plan” helps you protect and even grow your life savings in spite of another looming Economic collapse by focusing not on the problems but on the solutions and opportunities by investing in good times, bad times, and outright crises.  Kevin gives hope for the future, shows how to pull together a personalized strategy to move as the investment markets respond, gives practical approaches, and provides sustaining spiritual truths for the darkest of times. A “disaster preparedness” must read!”

President of the National Federation of Republican Assemblies, 2010 Senate candidate opposing Harry Reid, and author of Right Angle: One woman’s journey to reclaim the Constitution.

“While Washington may choose to ignore the harsh realities that come with out-of-control government spending and an ever-growing mountain of debt, Kevin Freeman brings to light the economic dangers our nation faces from foreign cyber attacks. Game Plan addresses the very real threat of cyber attacks and lays out a plan for how you can protect yourself and your loved ones from the rising danger of economic warfare.”

member United States House of Representatives