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Warren Buffett once described credit derivatives as “financial weapons of mass destruction.” Should we allow these to be accessed by financial terrorists? Buffett also compared the events of 2008 to an “economic Pearl Harbor.” We need good Americans to demand that Washington and Wall Street protect the integrity of our financial markets and thus our nation’s economic future. This isn’t a partisan issue. It’s about preserving the American way of life.

Our secret weapon is knowledge. We have uncovered one of the greatest untold scandals of the past century. Now that you know what happened, you should learn as much as possible. You can accomplish this by joining our Secret Weapon brigade. Our goal is to educate every American on the risks of economic terrorism and how we can combat it. Then, we’ll hold Washington and Wall Street accountable. Our nation’s future depends on it.

Join The Movement: 4 steps you can take now to protect your finances:

Step One: Education – Secret Weapon was a NY Times bestseller, Game Plan is the “how to” financial book readers have been asking for. Get a copy for yourself and your Financial adviser. Buy Now

Step Two: Get Connected – Join us on Facebook and Twitter. Subscribe to our Blog for up to date information on risks and potential threats as they occur at 

Step Three: Protect Yourself and Family in the area of Personal Finances – Develop your financial Game Plan depending on economic threats and opportunities. See 10 steps you should do now with your investments

Step Four: Look for Investment Opportunities that keep America Strong and be prepared to respond with your investments based on threats – Consider having your financial advisor credentialed regarding the risks of financial terrorism and economic warfare at the Keating Center and the National Security Investment Consultant Institute. This non profit organization will prepare NSIC advisers to be better prepared to protect and grow client investments with enhanced knowledge and specialized research. Learn more at

A national network of NSIC financial advisers and their clients would have the investment power to influence change while protecting your investments and America’s future.

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