Global Economic Threats Increase – Kevin Freeman (June 13, 2016)

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The global marketplace as a global battlespace

Kevin Freeman, founder NSIC, discusses various threats to the US economy with Frank Gaffney on Secure Freedom Radio.


  • Saudi price war to break the US fracking industry
  • Competing currencies other than the petrodollar
  • Pro-Saudi lobbying efforts in Washington with the support of Wall Street?


  • George Soros’ meddling with Europe’s economy and causing further destabilization by advocating for open borders
  • Was the 2008 financial crisis the result of economic terrorism?
  • Brexit effect on the U.S. economy


  • Is the Trans-Pacific Partnership a good idea?
  • Likelihood China will be brought in to the TPP


  • North Korean hacking of SWIFT transfer system
  • Dangers of American companies doing business with China
  • Vulnerability of the Fed to cyber terrorism
  • “Deterrence by denial”


  • ICANN Agreement resulting in US losing cyber deterrence
  • Phenomenon of negative interest rates in Europe and Japan
  • Moscow and Beijing government efforts to exploit US foreign debt
  • Global marketplace as a ‘global battle space’

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